Beaver Lake, Derry, NH

I have so many hobbies that I don’t do any of them justice.
I do volunteer work, which I’m not counting as “hobby,”
like Kairos Prison Ministry, and GareGivers of Greater Derry, and First Parish Church.


In no particular order…

Deere B 2008

I have a John Deere model B tractor made in 1935.

Known as an “Unstyled” B, this tractor was manufactured in Moline, Illinois on April 9, 1935 and shipped to Ottosen, Iowa.

When it was delivered, it had skeleton steel wheels on the rear. At some point after that, the owner had the steel wheels converted to rubber tires, as was a common practice in those days. A local machine shop would have cut the spokes of the original wheels to the necessary size and then welded rims onto the original spokes.

This is the 3,484th model B of the approximately 30,000 produced between 1935 and 1938. It has a 16 horse power engine, and was designed to replace 6 to 8 horses on the average farm of that day. In 1939 the model B was “styled” by adding sheet metal covering, and hundreds of thousands were produced until 1952.

My favorite brand is Canon. I bought my first Canon in 1970, an FTQL 35mm SLR.

I’m now using an EOS 60D which is getting a little long-in-the-tooth.  Most of the pics on this site were taken with the 60D.

In the days of film, I processed my own film, including color.  I had a pretty nice darkroom in those days.  Now it’s gone.

Like this one.

Last time I checked, the Kairos of New Hampshire site is mine too.

I have a modest wood shop in my basement.  Nothing special.  A table saw, a band saw, a jointer, drill press… More room would be nice.

Welding, cutting, all that good stuff.

I have lots of components, mostly salvage.

Private pilot, even though I haven’t flown myself in years.

I got my private in 1973.  I bought a 1947 Piper Vagabond, and had a great time flying it. I flew it to Oshkosh WI for the EAA Fly I in 1073.  I had a great time. I slept under the airplane and saw a P-38 Lightning, like the one my Dad flew in WWII.  I also took my best friend, Phil, down to Daton OH to visit the Air Force Museum.

Unfortunately, In 1975 it was destroyed when the barn at the airfield where I kept it burned down, taking several airplains with it, including my Vagabond.  That was a bad day.

C is my favorite language.  I admit that I’m rusty.  I started with BASIC back in 69 or 70.  In the 70’s I taught myself COBOL and wrote some good programs for my employer at the time. I like the lower level languages, including assembler, although I don’t get a lot of chance for that.

More recently, I got pretty proficient in SLQ, PHP, and am teaching myself WordPress.

I built my garage, among other things. I also built a 3D printer.  Recently, I’m building a lumber rack to store lumber on.

Managing trees, for fire or for lumber.

Last spring I had 6 big pine trees taken down, and asked them to leave the logs.  A friend has a portable sawmill which we setup in the back yard.  I gave him most of the lumber, but I kept some, and he sawed an oak log for me too.  They’re drying in the back yard now.

I like reading for pleasure, but I’ve been doing too many other things lately. Some of my favorites have been the Dragon Rider series by Anne McCaffrey; The Honor Harrington  series by David Weber; The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R.Tolkien;

Haven’t been to a range in quite a while now.

I don’t have one at this time, but I’d love to get another one sometime.

I used to be active with N scale trains.  It pretty much ended after the fire.  I still have a few odds and ends, but no real layout.